March 2020: Owning It The Anxiety Podcast – produced and hosted by number 1 international bestselling Irish author Caroline Foran – shoots past the 1 MILLION download mark within its first year. 

As journalist, author and podcast Caroline Foran brought season 2 of her hit podcast to a close, she also celebrated a major milestone for the series. Having launched the podcast in mid January 2019, the author – known for her signature BS free approach to mental health – steadily grew her loyal listenership from zero to over a million downloads in its first year. 


Upon launching, the series regularly enjoyed sitting at the number 1 show spot in Ireland. While on season, Owning It will always be found in the top 10, if not the top 5 podcasts across the country. Not only has the series been a hit in her home country, Caroline’s practical guide to owning your anxiety has enjoyed huge listenership in the UK too, having made its way to the number 1 spot for health podcasts across the whole of Britain. With 40,000 people tuning in each week, the series has been highlighted as a must-listen more than once on the UK iTunes homepage. 


The series has become a lifeline for those struggling with anxiety for its mixture of first-person experience, shared by Caroline, expert input from those leading the pack in the mental health arena and lots of familiar voices sharing their story of anxiety. Her solo ‘how-to’ style episodes are a particular hit, with listeners tuning in again and again to the likes of the panic attack rescue guide whenever they feel the need. Guests thus far have included Blindboy, Laura Whitmore, Bressie, Rozanna Purcell, Sarah Knight, Vogue Williams, Dermot and Dave of Today FM and more, while experts have included behavioural neuroscientists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and dieticians. The series is often featured on best podcasts lists across Ireland and the UK.

Alongside ACAST, Caroline’s series has performed wonderful sponsorship campaigns with The Guardian and The Observer newspaper and Clean Cut Meals across seasons 1 and 2. 

Season 3 is due to return in May 2020, taking the series to new heights and coinciding with the launch of Caroline’s third book – NAKED: Ten Truths To Change Your Life. Guests lined up for season 3 include world renowned author and psychologist Dr Kelly McGonigal, Deliciously Ella, Jameela Jamil, Angela Scanlon and Amy Huberman to name but a few. 

Caroline is the number 1 international bestselling author of Owning It: Your BS Free Guide To Living With Anxiety, which has been published in the US, Canada (as Own It), Russia, France and Germany. Her first book was number 1 for 16 weeks running, and followed up by another bestseller to enjoy international acclaim – The Confidence Kit. 

To work with Caroline on Owning It The Anxiety Podcast, please contact Acast’s Michéal Scully on micheal.scully@acast.com 

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Outside of Owning It, Caroline works directly with brands to produce podcast series on their behalf. With GAFF Interiors, she co-produced The Home Stretch series, the ultimate first time buyer podcast, sponsored by Bank of Ireland.


She is also in the middle of production on a health podcast series on behalf of Meaghers Pharmacy.

In Spring 2020, Caroline will release her pregnancy podcast series, a six part podcast series that takes listeners from fertility to preparing for labour, with various brand sponsors involved including Primark, Boots, Voya and more.

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To talk to Caroline about hosting and producing a series for you and your brand, contact caroline.foran2@gmail.com.