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Caroline Foran – Public Speaker on Anxiety and Confidence

Caroline Foran is an Irish best-selling author, journalist and motivational speaker with a keen interest in stress and anxiety management and workplace wellbeing. Her first book – Owning It: Your Bullshit Free Guide To Living With Anxiety – enjoyed 16 weeks as the number one non-fiction hardback in the Irish charts following its release in May 2017. Since it came out, Caroline has been invited to give talks in both creative and corporate environments, offering her take on stress and anxiety and how best to manage it. Her practical two-fold technique – named the Assess and Address Approach, on which Owning It is based – has proven invaluable to those who bought the book and now consider it a bedside staple.

First, she assesses stress and anxiety – what it is, why we feel it, what’s happening in our mind and bodies, and what it felt like for her – and then she addresses it, using a series of tools to help you ‘own it’.

Following the success of her first book – for which she still receives messages on a daily basis from readers all over the world with whom it resonated – Caroline was offered a second publishing deal with Hachette Ireland. This time, Caroline broadens her horizon. While Owning It honed in on the experience of those grappling with anxiety, this book explores something with which everyone is familiar: confidence. The Confidence Kit takes the common roadblocks that typically get in the way of confidence and turns them into building blocks. Again, it’s an incredibly practical offering, based on the author’s experience with plenty of expert input throughout. Within this book – due for release in May 2018 – Caroline explores everything from the fear of failure and why it’s so common to imposter syndrome and the confidence gap between men and women.

The success of Caroline’s presentations lies in the fact that she is a relatable young woman and not a psychology professional. She speaks from a point of experience and, thanks to her journalistic background, she has a unique way of articulating that which affects so many. She distils the theory and the science and the jargon in a refreshingly realistic and easy to understand manner, offering bullshit free – and often humorous – tips and skills with which people can better navigate their high-octane life, where stress – unfortunately – is par for the course.

For each presentation or workshop, Caroline works with the event organisers to determine the style of the event and figure out what would best suit the group. She covers everything from our unhelpful habits of social comparison via social media to ‘fear conditioning’ and ‘fear hacking’ to the negativity bias and so much more. But of course, each presentation will be tailored to suit. Most importantly, she shares her own personal story having experienced crippling anxiety – to the point that she could not leave her house – to writing a best-selling book (which brought its own set of challenges) and working as a prominent journalist in Ireland, and, more specifically, one that can handle something as terrifying as public speaking.

With anxiety, she owns it. With fear, she chooses to process it rather than be paralysed by it.

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“It was a pleasure to hear Caroline speak at the PCI College Dublin City Venue launch. From the beginning, Caroline had the audience engaged with her honest, no-nonsense account of assessing and addressing anxiety. Caroline’s personal account of living with anxiety was inspiring to all in the room and her keynote address was the highlight of the day.” – Jade Lawless, Acting Head of Counselling and Psychotherapy, PCI College