Public Speaking / Event Hosting

Book number 1 international bestselling author and number 1 podcaster Caroline Foran for your next workplace wellbeing event. 

On the back of her three international bestselling books – Owning It, The Confidence Kit and NAKED: Ten Truths To Change Your Life – Caroline Foran has been invited to give keynote speeches and host events (both online and in person) for a wide range of brands and corporate clients across Ireland and the UK. Most recently, her webinar with Flutter Entertainment attracted the most attendees they’ve ever had at a wellbeing event, with over 720 people tuning in. 

Her approachable, relatable delivery of incredibly helpful and practical wellbeing content has earned her rave reviews and repeat bookings. Upon the launch of her anxiety podcast, which has surpassed 3 million downloads since its launch in early 2019, Caroline has been further in demand as a public speaker and event host.

Caroline has spoken both in corporate settings – to groups of staff in offices or over webinars – as well as in public facing events. Whether she is giving a 45 minute talk complete with audience q&a, sharing her pearls of wisdom in an ‘in conversation with’ style event or moderating a panel herself, Caroline has years of experience and world class clients under her belt. She has also organised and hosted her own events, including a how to get your book published seminar, two years running. 

Some of the companies with whom she has collaborated or spoken for include Google, Amazon, PWC, Twitter, Facebook, SKY/Paddy Power, Smart Water, Axa, AIB, BOI, The Law Society, AIPCO, SCOPE, Volkswagen, Dingle Literary Festival, Ennis Book Festival, Primark, Arnotts, Bio-Kult, Sona Nutrition, NAKED juice, Rise festival, Forbidden Fruit, Veuve Clicquot,, BEO, Zurich and more. 

The success of Caroline’s webinars and live events lies in the fact that she is a relatable woman and not a psychology professional. She speaks from a point of experience and, thanks to her journalistic background, she has a unique way of articulating that which affects so many. She distils the theory and the science and the jargon in a refreshingly realistic and easy to understand manner, offering bullshit free – and often humorous – tips and skills with which people can better navigate their high-octane life, where stress – unfortunately – is par for the course. 


For staff wellbeing events / branded public facing events, the topics Caroline can confidently deliver on / her areas of expertise include: 

What is anxiety / why we experience anxiety / the neuroscience and psychology of anxiety 

Owning anxiety / Turning anxiety into your ally 

Knowing where you sit on the 0-10 stress scale and how to bring that down to a more manageable level 

The power of vulnerability / what we get wrong about vulnerability 

The importance of vulnerability in the workplace


Making self-care work for you, not burning out in self-care

The importance of self-compassion / self-compassion vs self criticism

Why we fear failure and how to work around it 

What we get wrong about anxiety / stress 

It’s not the anxiety or the stress that’s the problem, it’s our reaction to it that matters 

The difference between knowing and being able to change how we feel 

Stretch zone confidence building experiences 

The Comfort Zone 

Imposter Syndrome 

The importance of celebrating success / what we do with success when we achieve it


People Pleasing 

13-part toolkit for building lasting confidence 

The Assess and Address approach 

10 truths to change your life – based on third book 

General self care / wellbeing 

As a beauty journalist and former beauty editor Caroline is also a competent beauty event host. 

*All events/talks can be tailored to suit brand/company requirements / to work with certain themes, e.g. IWD or mental health awareness week. 


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Caroline delivered a brilliant session and connected incredibly well with the audience. To quote one Googler “Caroline’s session couldn’t have come at a better time. I cried, I laughed and hearing her experience in such raw detail made me realise I am indeed okay and can manage my anxiety”. Nick Van Mierlo, Google Dublin

“I think the majority of people would benefit in some way from hearing Caroline speak. She provided such a captivating session for PwC on normalising anxiety and how we all can experience negative thoughts.Caroline really engaged the audience with her personal account of living with anxiety while bringing us through practical tools and some coping mechanisms we can all try. A big takeaway from the session was how vulnerability can be in fact our friend and a strength- not a negative! We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our people who have said that they will definitely be using some of the key take-aways from the seminar. We would highly recommend a session with Caroline” – Karla Kelly, Wellness Lead, PWC
Thank you so much for such an amazing session and end to our day. You really struck a cord for a lot of people in that room. You were really fantastic and thank you so much for sharing your story and being so honest. You forced the entire team to reframe our thinking around anxiety and delivered a really engaging and relatable session with lots of useful tips to take away. – Sinead Dowling, Head of Marketing, Dermalogica Ireland

Caroline’s webinar was brilliant. It was needed by a lot of us in the company. It was the best webinar we’ve had and the largest audience tuned in. The experience, insights and tips shared by Caroline will be helpful to a lot of people. I couldn’t believe the amount of engagement and questions asked, it shows a real need for this kind of talk. – Flutter Entertainment staff

It was a pleasure to welcome Caroline Foran as our Keynote speaker for International Women’s Day at AXA Ireland. Caroline is an engaging, informative speaker who brings personality, insight into her own personal experience of anxiety as well as a must-have toolkit. I would highly recommend Caroline. – Lorna Tarpey, HR at AXA Insurance Ireland

Caroline spoke at an event for us last week on the topic of anxiety and how to manage it. Caroline was a pleasure to work with from the very beginning and the team found her extremely relatable when she spoke about her own personal struggles with anxiety. Caroline facilitated great engagement at the end of her session with Q&A which the team found really helpful and picked up some great tips. Thanks Caroline for a really informative session. – Corey Casey, HR at AIB