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Owning It: Your Bullsh*t Free Guide To Living With Anxiety is released on May 11th nationwide and online. ORDER IT HERE

Written with honesty, clarity and bullsh*t-free insight, Owning It is the must-have guide to everything you need to know about anxiety – what it is, what might be causing it and precisely what will help – from someone who has found her way through it.

OWNING IT: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Living with Anxiety by Caroline Foran

11th May 2017 £9.99 Hardback

Published by Hachette Ireland

Caroline Foran began experiencing crippling anxiety in her early 20s and wished desperately for a clear path through this difficult time. Now, with the aim of helping others who face the same difficulty, she has written it.

In Owning It she chronicles her journey from the kind of all-consuming fear that left her unable to work, incapable of leaving her house and, eventually, crying in bed on a daily basis, wondering if, and how, she would ever get through it. But then she did – bit by bit she found a way to own her anxiety.

There is an overwhelming amount of information online – and indeed in other books – but Owning It does the hard work for you, mapping out exactly what you need to know in a clear and bullsh*t-free manner so that you too can get on top of your anxiety. Offering an original and practical technique – first, you ASSESS, then you ADDRESS    the aim of this book is to change your perspective on anxiety so that it no longer rules the roost.

Written with a relatable sense of humour, Caroline doesn’t make any promises she can’t keep, such as offering a magical cure. After all, this idea that anxiety can be ‘cured’ or forever avoided serves only to make us feel worse in the long run.

In part one – ASSESS – she breaks down exactly what anxiety is, how it functions, why we feel it and potential triggers, offering simple exercises that better enable you to paint a clear picture of your own experience.

Part two – ADDRESS – maps out the various treatments and tools at your disposal, from certain lifestyle changes to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to the importance of self-care (even on good days). She breaks down the benefits of meditation and certain alternative therapies, while also tackling the often controversial topic of medication.

Caroline is not a healthcare professional and she doesn’t claim to be. What she offers in Owning It is experience, empathy and the understanding voice of someone who’s felt the full brunt of anxiety, as well as a whole lot of research and expert input.

Owning It is a book for everyone, whether you’re trying to loosen the grip anxiety has over your life, you’re seeking to better understand the experiences of a family or friend, or you’d simply like to take better care of your mental health.

‘The hardest lesson and most important one I learned was that embracing your anxiety is the key to recovering from it and living a life where it doesn’t define you. Don’t get me wrong; I still have stressful days at work, or days when I feel a little below par (one time I was particularly exhausted, ratty and hormonal, and I cried because my boyfriend ate my last chicken nugget) – but that, dear friend, is the human experience. What I have now, however, is the confidence to pull myself through whatever life throws at me, thanks to the invisible arsenal of effective tools I keep tucked under my yellow umbrella’

About the author

Caroline Foran is a freelance lifestyle journalist, and co-founder of digital publishing venture, GAFFInteriors.ie.  Prior to her career in media, she obtained a degree in Communications and a Masters in Film & TV, both from DCU.

Caroline lives in Dublin. Owning It is her first book.

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